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PDF Snipping Tool 5.0

Take screenshots of a PDF file, rectangular area, or the entire page

PDF Snipping Tool can be used to extract contents from PDF documents. Moreover, the program lets you view this type of document. Its graphic user interface is quite easy to use, and once you learn the functions of the buttons in the toolbar, you won´t even need to use the menu commands. Besides, there’s a set of keyboard shortcuts to perform most operations. Unluckily, as tabs are not supported, you cannot open more than one document in the same window.

The simplest way to extract a section of a PDF page is to click on the snipping tool button at the toolbar, draw a rectangular area and use the standard key combination in Windows (Ctrl+C) to copy the contents to the clipboard. Moreover, you can use the corresponding button to copy the page as an image, which also allows you to adjust output resolution, zoom level and size. Likewise, you can send the contents to any of the programs included in the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Luckily, it also supports sending them as email attachments. It is a shame that the program cannot extract text from scanned documents using OCR technology.

Another big limitation of the tool is that it doesn´t support opening other types of PDF-related files, as templates and form data documents. However, it does allow saving a PDF in various formats, such as text files, encapsulated postscript files and various types of images.

In general, PDF Snipping Tool doesn´t do anything special that can´t be done with most PDF viewers. After all, you can extract images from a PDF using Windows built-in snipping tool.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It is not very expensive
  • It allows adjusting picture parameters


  • It can only open PDFs
  • You can only open one document at a time
  • It doesn´t allow OCR
  • It is limited in use
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